Happy Birthday my own parade!
What better way to celebrate this anniversary than a brand new illustration on Wired Magazine Italia (now in the kiosk) and the opening of a twitter account? Maybe the only better solution it would be he one where someone explains me what i have to do with this twitter thing. Anyway click the new "follow" button above if you want to stalk me a bit.


Spending a lot of time in train these days, with the faithful company of an iPhone and some other weirdos commuter..
Lots of jokes comes to my mind, i would like to translate them in some cartooning experience wich could be entertaining for you to read at least as much could be pleasuring for me drawing..
Check an example of what i'm talking about on my flickr.


Lots of people believes that Wired Magazine Italia #32 will be remembered for his disturbing clairvoyance in proposing a Cover Story about Steve Jobs few days before his death.. Others instead believes that my two little illustrations are the most important thing you can find in the issue. There's even a third part that believes that my illustrations might be among the causes of mr Jobs' death. All I can say is that now you can see them in my flickr album.

Give them a glimpse at your own risk.


Check out on my Flickr Album some of my features for Wired Magazine Italia Agoust issue!


Wired Magazine Italia issue #29 is out! Inside you can find my new illustration!
It's cool because there's a Sasquatch in it..


My precious friends,
remember that even if it's silent, our parade never stops.
Have you ever noticed that even the future starts slow?

I did a new illustration for Wired (don't miss july issue) and i had some interesting job interviews, almost as interesting as the one you can see above this post. I hope to be soon able to tell you more about, in the meantime let me spoil something about my new Wired artwork.. You can find an hint here.

Am i the only one who find it hilarious?


My dear friends, from the heart of the night i announce you the existence of a new strip on my flickr..

Originally i should work on Alan Moore's six-word story in my thesis, but it seemed to be a little too complex too handle for my experimental purposes.. But now that my thesis is gathering dust in my room, i'm free to face the Master.


The new Wired Magazine Italian issue is out, you can find in it some beautiful illustrations made by the coolest national and international emergent talents.

And even a couple of mine.


Finally i uploaded on Behance some glmps from my thesis for Politecnico's Communication Design II level degree!
Here you can read a short description of what it talks about.. Hope you like it!

This thesis investigates the possibilities of cooperation between the forms of storytelling and the graphic design ones for narrative purposes. It starts with a digression about the comics language, regarded as a spontaneus and repeated manifestations of graphic-narrative expedients of meaning. Based on a historical analysis of the original intent of the graphic novel, it comes a new paradigm in wich graphic design is considered at the same level of the usuals verbal-visual comics' textualities.


I promised you that something big was going to happen..
Who thought that Wired Magazine has taste in choosing their illustrators must change their mind..
Because they asked me to draw for this month's Italian issue!

So if you can't get the magazine or you just want to have a look to my illustration and click here or on the image above.

Wired Italy #25 — March 2011

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