Today i launch a set about James Bond Villains, a personal tribute to the movies that always satisfy my insane passion for evil characters. I am a fan of the most famous secret agent (not jason Bourne, the other one..) since i was a kid, thanks to the "James Bond Jr" Cartoon.. it was so middle 90s! Please check on the web the weird characters design of that cartoon (a Run Dmc version of Odd Job, for example) and keep an eye on the S.P.E.C.T.R.E set on my flickr.


My loyal readers (Mom, Dad and the guy that found this blog while he was looking for a softporn website) i apologize for the prolonged absence from the pages of My Own Parade. As at least two of you will know (mom and the porn addicted guy, dad often forgets it) i still swim in the swamp of university, pursuing a mythical second level degree.
So don't fear if sometimes i'm silent, i will always come back and post new works.
To keep high the moral here you are a pretty Dark Knight à la Gambineri.

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