I remember vividly the day when the primary teacher asked the class: "What job do you want to do in the future?"
At the time I was deeply torn between the idea of becoming an inventor of robots or a waste collector. It was a painful choice, but the stubborn teacher asked me to choose my future in a few seconds: "I will do the inventor of robots"

I believed i was already well advanced with my academic preparation, i was six years old but I had already learned well to use a screwdriver (I still always carry one in my pockets in case it rains) and I not feared rivals in the 'ancient art of dismembering toys.

The teacher gave me a pitying smile "Gambineri - she said - I am convinced that you will make it. It is very important in life, setting goals and striving to achieve them.. But now helps school caretakers to collect the garbage."

The years pass quickly. Today I am here to announce the work in progress for the last exam of my academic career..
The professor gave us carte blanche, and I decided to draw over it.
Finally it is time to avenge a child too young to understand that there are no dreams too big ..
Finally it is time to invent robots!

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