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New TGP strips on Flickr, and even a new misteryous space monkey illustration!
All yours for just 99¢, only on my own parade.


As you certainly read in the front pages of major newspapers around the world (if it's usual to you to anagram in bizarre ways the real news) today we celebrate the second anniversary of my own parade, our world-famous entertainment, winner of the Best blog of the World award, wich was given me during a lavish ceremony organized by me, in my room, ten minutes ago.

This great achievement is dedicated to the memory of Toto.
I was six years old when I held him for the first time, and if I had my way I would not ever let him go.
It seemed me appropriate to remember him with a strip, because in the last eighteen years he has been my Milou.

Forgive this unusual sad decline of our funny parade .. In this new, magical third year, Toto will continue to march with us along the rugged and beautiful highways of diamonds of the future.

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